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Fire & Smoke Damage

Expertise and Knowledge: Fire loss consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in fire damage restoration and recovery.

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Choosing fire loss consultants to work with for fire-damaged property can provide numerous benefits and play a crucial role in effectively managing the aftermath of a fire incident.

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Cost Optimization: Engaging fire loss consultants early in the recovery process can help optimize costs. They can identify salvageable items and minimize unnecessary replacement expenses.

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Fire and smoke damage

Focus on business efficiency

Expertise and Knowledge: Fire loss consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in fire damage restoration and recovery. They understand the intricacies of fire behavior, smoke damage, structural integrity, and the potential long-term effects of fire incidents. Their specialized knowledge enables them to accurately assess the extent of the damage and develop effective restoration plans.

Focus on rebuilding

Fire damage recovery can be a complex and time-consuming process. Fire loss consultants act as project managers, overseeing the entire restoration process from start to finish. They coordinate with contractors, manage timelines, monitor progress, and address any unforeseen issues that may arise. This relieves property owners of the burden of managing multiple contractors and ensures a smoother and more efficient recovery process.

Fire Claims

Fires often result in serious property losses and even injuries. After a fire loss, the insured has a lot to deal with, from securing the property from further damage to caring for family members to finding temporary accommodation. If the fire damaged property was a business or commercial property, the owner or the business manager has even more worries: attending to employes, contacting customers and business partners to ensure business continuation and avoid potentially catastrophic business losses.

Water Damage Claims

Water damage (from floods, tornadoes, broken pipes) is one of the most common types of property damage claims. The costs associated with reconstruction and remediation of water infiltration are usually very high. To make matters worse, there are many instances when the insurance company will not cover a water damage claim. To find out if your particular kind of water damage is covered by your insurance company is best to review your own policy. If it sounds unclear, you should contact your insurance agent or call our office, and we’ll be glad to help.

Appraisal Services

Each insurance policy has an appraisal clause. That appraisal clause can be invoked by the insurer or by the insured person when they can’t reach an agreement. The two parts acknowledge the fact that they can’t come to terms and they choose someone else to represent them in the dispute. The intention to invoke the appraisal clause must be announced through a written request. If the two appraisers (yours and the one from the insurer) don’t agree over the dispute in a reasonable amount of time, each of the two parts can submit their differences to a previously selected umpire, who will settle the dispute.

Examination Under Oath

When the insurance company’s personnel become suspicious about any aspect of your claim, such as the cause of the loss, the amount of the loss, your financial condition as well as many other “red flag” issues, they will investigate even deeper into you and your claim. After a loss, you will be required to file a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss; that is the road map to your claim. This is a sworn document, so it is your testimony to the insurance company that you are claiming exactly what you put on that piece of paper. The insurance company will use that Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss as a foundation document in the later steps of their claim investigation.

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We proudly serve Michigan

Fire Loss Consultants takes pride in serving the state of Michigan because they are dedicated to providing high-quality services to ensure that their clients receive the best possible outcome from their fire loss claims.

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Emotional Support: Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be emotionally challenging for property owners. Fire loss consultants offer support and guidance throughout the recovery process, helping property owners navigate the emotional aspects of the situation.

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Mitigation and Restoration Planning: Fire loss consultants collaborate with property owners to develop customized mitigation and restoration plans tailored to the specific needs of the property. Michigan Fire Loss consultants stands on its word to get you the best possible outcome. 

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coordinate and supervise the restoration process, ensuring that the property is safely and effectively restored to its pre-loss condition. This includes addressing structural repairs, smoke odor removal, cleaning, and salvaging belongings where possible.


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